Join The Funky Cat #15!

19th November 2022 - De Helling - Utrecht
Line-up: Former / Geck-o vs D00d / Stripe n Co / The Mandi Experience / STOIK vs bitface / Listening Hour + theme shows!


The Funky Cat returns to Utrecht for another Daytime Rave on the 19th of November 2022!

We bring playful, diverse and forward-thinking electronic music. Music that makes you dance, free from any boundaries. We build on a foundation of nice people and high energy, with a lick of art and mischief.

Geck-o & Friends will guide you through the night with an intense blend of music. Dance to psychedelic soundscapes, underground rave, groovy rhythms, bassy drums and twisted mindfucks. 

Does that sound a little weird? Then you got that right ;) Come and experience it for yourself!

Scroll down for our full line-up, tickets are available now!

15:00-16:00 listening hour with Geck-o, D00d & bitface
16:00-17:30 STOIK & bitface
17:30-19:00 Former
19:00-19:30 The Mandi Experience
19:30 show: Faeries vs Gnomes
19:40-21:30 Geck-o & D00d (Hallucinaliens album showcase)
21:30-23:00 Stripe n Co

Cross-genre Dance Music

From techno to drum & bass, from house to hardstyle, from trance to psytrance, from UK bass to Japanese hardcore... Get ready for an intense experience of cross-genre dance music!


Daytime Rave

We love to party at daytime, giving us fresh energy to dance - and some proper sleep afterwards ;) What's not to like? We rave from 15:00 till 23:00, our doors are open till 20:00.


Chill area

Listen to your body. If you need a break from all the action, just take some chill time! Color your drawing of The Funky Cat, eat some tasty food and meet new people. Reload and get ready for more!



Check out one of our aftermovies to get a glimpse of what The Funky Cat is all about!

Want to see more? Watch our full collection on YouTube.


Geck-o vs D00d
Your favorite DJs are BACK to take you on the ultimate funky cat trip. They will present their brand new album HALLUCINALIENS here, weaving the album tracks through their long b2b set!

You know this man for his unique and otherworldly sound, boundary-pushing collabs with Noisia, cute curly hair and fantastic cross-genre sets. From deep techno to drum and bass, with lots of undefinable genres in between - get ready for a real experience!

Stripe n Co
Born and raised among the desolate chalets of a British holiday park, Stripe n Co makes music for a world that's lost its self respect. Under the disapproving tutelage of Berlin-based producer/DJ Minor Science (AD93), this shadowy production outfit has taken the club world unawares with a series of breakneck bootlegs and remixes, self-released on Bandcamp. Stripe n Co DJ sets combine signature flips of Kylie and Britney with nightcore, donk, happy hardcore, and J-core to make good taste seem like a bad dream. It's time to wake up.

The Mandi Experience
You may know Mandi as one of our core creative crew members since the very beginning, but you may not be aware of her rather enticing taste in music. Well, you're about to! She will take the stage at our daytime rave and mix all her favorite genres into an intense half hour, where nothing is too camp, tacky or distorted. We're so proud to have her on stage at The Funky Cat, sure to cater us The Mandi Experience we'll never forget!

STOIK vs bitface
A clash of Austrian art vs UK massive, CAPITALS vs lowercase, but most of all rave vs rave! We know STOIK for his super atmospheric pounding productions, always perfectly crafted with an ear for the smallest details. We know bitface for his neverending library of incredible music, from the most obscure rarities to the biggest classics in dance music.

Listening Hour
Regular visitors will be familiar with our unique listening hour, the perfect way to start the day and get into the vibe. Sit or lay down and relax while Geck-o, bitface and D00d will present a special selection of beautiful tracks you wouldn't dance to, unreleased snippets, wholesome nonsense, healing sound baths - and some stand-up comedy if you're lucky ;)


This time it's all about FAERIES versus GNOMES - clash of the critters!
What side are you on? Choose wisely...

We have no strict dress code, so come as you like! But we encourage you to put on something that feels special for you. A nice red pointy hat maybe? Or some lovely iridescent wings...